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I am able to offer a range of Z gauge turnouts and special Z gauge track pieces.
The turnouts have a footprint which is compatible with Marklin track layouts and
feature a live frog. They are available to match either Marklin or MTL track. The
point rails are accuated by a unique linkage in place of a throwbar.

This is one of the newest developments yet to have its throwbars installed.

The double slip and the 3 way turnout will have traditional throwbars constructed
from carbon fibre with the point rails connected mechanically rather than soldered.
As well as the turnouts I can also supply crossovers in varying configurations.
The crossovers compatible with Marklin track are available in 13, 22.5, 30,
and 90 degree configurations. A 30 degree crossover is available to match MTL track.

All items are hand-made to order and therefore delivery times will vary.

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